Looking for some lit humor this summer? Try out one of these literary spoofs as you work on your novel.

1. Hark, a vagrant.

While Kate Beaton doesn’t write exclusively literary comics, her Hark a Vagrant features everything from Pride and Prejudice fanfic to feminist commentary on mainstream portrayals of “strong female characters.” Strange, it reminds me of a recent Marvel movie…

2. Guy in Your MFA

For those of you in an MFA or any sort of grad school, this one will probably be a little too real. I particularly liked the recent interaction with ManicPixieDream Girl and his recent commentary on the semi-colon.

3. The Worst Muse

Besides having a scarily relevant pinned post considering other recent commentaries on men pursuing underage women, The Worst Muse has basically everything in it you would have to say to send your editor off the dark side. My personal favorite is the one that says to replace adjectives with emojis. I wonder what the adverb equivalent would be?

Also. Throes.

4. Fake Nanowrimo Tips

Alright, so this one is a little off-season, but it’s useful to any writer working on their novel or thinking about working on one. Kudos for the Twilight burn and for what I can only assume is an excellent if unintentional reference to the little known 90’s cartoon, Gargoyles.

That’s all, folks. Comment below to let me know if you liked these spoofs and if I should add anything to my own summer reading list.