Oh Lord, I need an angel
Oh, Lord, I need a prayer
Oh, Lord, send me an angel
to take me from here to there.

Lord, I know I’ve used you wrongly,
Lord, I know I’m wrought with sin
Lord, I know I’m frought with folly,
But let me be and the devil wins.

Lord, I’ll go and let you in if
Lord, you do me just one right
Lord, I may repent if you just
keep me from myself tonight.

Sit with me and I’ll be merry
brimming with sweet warmth and light
Talk with me and I’ll be smiling
while we wile away the night

Lord, bring me a little peace
sprinkled from that bright above
Bring that boon, the best investment
love that makes more in its love

Lord, do not you too forsake me
Lord, leave not thy child to hate
for late have been my nights and lonely
long since from thy table ate

Lord, stay thee, as a comfort
Lord, rest thee, as a friend,
in this barren lonely desert,
let my wandering fin’ly end.