Far from home you wander
Darkness nests in your hair
He whispers in a soft voice
Of welcoming emptinesses

I cannot guide you home
How long it’s been since I
knew you
But, do not fear:
I, too, will give you
Something for the journey:
A little something
It is not my journey

See these white stones
the polished pebbles
Of my soul
I will drop them for you
A lead towards the light

(Though I have known the darkness better
We are friends
He and I?
At least
He shows me how
To carve
The stones
Of his
Sweet absence)

Silly, to think my sacrifice
Might buy your ransom
I have only so much soul
to light the way by

And the Darkness is
Like all Darkness
Darkness Infinite

Well, Hansel
Follow my breadcrumbs
If you dare
But know before you walk:
My power is not that of the hunter your father
But of the witch devourer

(No angel, I,
to balance on the head
of a pin. No, I
must dance in circles
about the fire)

Though both
You remember
May eat you alive


Vampire, 1893 by Edvard Munch