denial is for midnight,

you hoped to wake and find

a day that had not left behind

your half of the country,

your whole head and heart.

(hard to imagine sunrise healing

this nation split apart)


in the early ams, anger beckons

you’d never reckoned

on such foolishness and fear

in this cheering, jeering nation,

(in this sad nation, split apart.)


by morning light we bargain –

perhaps the house, or senate races –

could he really build a wall?

(the wall is built already

across this great nation, split apart)


depression. the sun rises, and

the world is not the same, or sane? and we –

we are to blame.

(we did not work hard enough,

for our nation, split apart.)


acceptance – after coffee. or after

another night and day.

not of where or who we are,

but of the the long, long way.

there’s very far to go,

but where we walk together,

perhaps together there we’ll stay.