​Come, behold the Elephant Woman

Who hatched from a mother dove’s egg.
She is loud and tall and
See how she tramples the world underfoot
Great are the feet and wide
Of she, the Elephant Woman

Wanderer long-minded, she remembers
What you have forgotten
The ancient waterholes,
The graveyards luminous in the desert’s night
She has tales to tell,
She the Elephant Woman.

Gentle, sometimes, the Elephant Woman –
She lowers her trunk to tickle children,
Holds them in her arms.
But should someone raise a hand against them,
She would rise, Goddess of Destruction,
Grow new arms, a second head,
Dance drunken on their burning cities,
Rend bridges with her tusks.

She, the Elephant Woman,
Who came from a mother dove’s egg.