I am what your mother warned you about:
the wolf, the trickster and devourer,
the witch, the wicked man,
the selfish woman.
I am no peaceful creature;
one day I will swallow the world,
crack it like an egg and let it drip
its hot dark blood upon my tongue.
I am wanting in every regard,
Wanting itself, in fact.
But don’t believe me, see for yourself —
between my jaws, witness
the expanding universe,
(or the last one, anyway)
peruse oceans without shore,
skies without stars, darkness almost
primeval in its scope.
Come closer, stroke the bones
of extinct and ancient gods.
But what’s this, you ask?
These white pillars, these bars, these —
yes, these gaping teeth.
Large, you say,
too large? Well. All the better to eat you with,
my dear — after all, that’s how
the story goes. In any case,
I find reality is best preceded
with a fine aperitif.